Sunday, September 23, 2012

Newly Available Antoine Blanchard Paintings--J Watson Fine Art

Boulevard De La Madeleine Paris 1900 by Antoine Blanchard
Bouldevard De La Madeleine Paris 1900 Back
Certificate of Authenticity from A. Larde

Four beautiful Antoine Blanchard paintings of Paris just became available through J Watson Fine Art.

Inspired by Edouard Cortes, who also influenced American impressionist G. Harvey, Antoine Blanchard was one of the most famous  School of Paris painters.

Boulevard De La Madeleine Paris 1900 has great color, movement and light

All of these paintings are of excellent quality and all of them have Certificates of Authenticity from A. Larde. They are signed front and back.

It is important to have good authentication when acquiring an Antoine Blanchard painting for your art collection, as there are many copies on the market.

Antoine Blacnhard's original paintings are beautiful and classic and would make an excellent addition to an art collection. 

To view more photos of Blanchard artwork visit the Antoine Blanchard exhibit at J Watson Fine Art.