Monday, September 23, 2013

G. Harvey Art Reaches New High Price and Great Demand at Auction

Winter's Gold 24 x 36 by G. Harvery
Land of No Fences 24 x 36 by G. Harvey
New York, New York 40 x 30 by G. Harvey
Manhattan Showers 12 x 9 by G. Harvey  available from J Watson Fine Art

G. Harvey is truly an American treasure and collectors have been showing their appreciation of his beautiful original paintings with fierce bidding at auction recently.

Several (but not all) auction lots have closed with sales prices way over auction estimates. Notably at Jackson Hole Art Auction this September, Winter Gold (Western) sold for almost 170,000 with auction estimates of 60,000-90,000, Land of No Fences (Western) sold for over 140,000 with auction estimates of 70,000-90,000, and in April, the wonderful city scene New York, New York sold for over 281,000 despite auction estimates of 120,000-180,000, setting a new record for a G. Harvey painting at auction (so far).

Though rare, there are still some small G. Harvey original paintings at modest prices that can be acquired in the teens and twenties that we can offer to collectors wanting a one of a kind treasure from this talented artist, and some larger paintings as well.

As with any fine art, there are no guarantees about what will happen with prices in the future, so my advice is always to buy art that you love, rather than just for investment only.

Whatever the prices, G. Harvey's original paintings are beautiful and have wonderful impressionistic technique, and they bring joy to collectors and those who view them. They also bring to the world an appreciation for the simple things and good values that are part of the spirit of America.

You can view G. Harvey originals available from J Watson Fine Art  at the G. Harvey exhibit on our website, and for information or photos of additional originals contact us at 661 476-7558 or e-mail