Friday, January 24, 2020

Norman Rockwell Original Art

Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell Original Painting Sold by Sotheby's Auction
Doctor Examining Sick Doll for Little Girl Norman Rockwell Original Drawing Sold by J Watson Fine Art
Mighty Proud Norman Rockwell Original Oil Study Sold by J Watson Fine Art

If you would like to add a one of a kind piece of American art and history to your art collection by Norman Rockwell, we would be happy to be of assistance.

We can help with the acquisition (or sale) of original Norman Rockwell paintings, drawings and studies.

Although the record auction price for a Norman Rockwell painting to date is over 46 Million for Freedom from Want, there are original Normal Rockwell works of art in a wide range of prices starting from a few thousand and up into the 8 figures.

We have been fortunate to help collectors acquire a number of his works over the years, and have some rare original Norman Rockwell art we can offer to collectors.

Contact the gallery at 661 476-7558 or e-mail us here for more information about buying or selling Norman Rockwell original works of art.