Saturday, December 7, 2019

Artist G. Harvey--A Great Legacy


 G. Harvey 1933-2017

Artist G. Harvey was a true American Treasure. He has blessed so many with his wonderful paintings of Western cowboy and Native American Scenes and his American turn of the century street scenes.

Many of his paintings were used to raise funds for Focus on the Family, a cause that was dear to his heart, through auctions of original paintings and sales of limited edition prints, and those gifts will continue to create positive effects into the future.

Collectors and art admirers have enjoyed his work for many years, and his paintings will continue to bring joy and inspiration to countless people all over the world. G. Harvey artwork can be found in the collections of museums, corporations and private collectors, and select artwork is available through galleries.

His appreciation of the simple times and the accomplishments of those who built America comes through in his work.

Patriotism is a strong theme in paintings such as A Nation Blessed, Dreams of a Nation and An Evening with the President.

The rugged life of the American Cowboy is shown in his paintings like Men of the Great Northwest and Trailing the Canyon Light.

And his abiding faith was portrayed in his iconic Light Unto the World featuring the large Christmas tree outside the White House in Washington DC, among other paintings..

We are so thankful for the life and contributions of G. Harvey and the wonderful legacy he left for us.

J Watson Fine Art carries a selection of rare G.Harvey original paintings as well as many of his sold out at the publisher limited edition prints. You can contact the gallery at 661 476-7558 or e-mail or visit the website at for more information.