Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rare Norman Rockwell Original Paintings Available from J Watson Fine Art

Norman Rockwell Original 
Mighty Proud Study

Norman Rockwell paintings have been on the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, Look magazine, the Boy Scouts of America Calendars and more, and his work has a prominent place in American art.

Family values, nostalgia and simpler times are often depicted in Norman Rockwell's art.

His original paintings, studies and drawings have been highly valued by collectors.

Generally Norman Rockwell painted several studies prior to the final paintings, some more detailed than others. 

J Watson Fine Art has several rare Norman Rockwell original paintings and Norman Rockwell original studies available. Most of these are discreet sales and are not on the website, but collectors may contact the gallery at 661 476-7558 or e-mail for more information on available works of art.