Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moms in Art--5 Great Paintings of Mothers and Children

Mother Berthe Holding her Baby by Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1864-1914)

Moms have been portrayed in art through history. In addition to paintings by earlier masters like Mary Stevenson Cassatt, there are some great paintings of mothers by contemporary master artists like Pino, Steve Hanks, Morgan Weistling, and I thought I would share some great art that honors Mom with you.

A Place in My Heart by Pino Daeni
Italian artist, Pino Daeni (1939-2010) was raised by women alone during the war, and his appreciation for mothers shows in many of his paintings.

A Place in My Heart reminds us of the joy of being a mom at the end of a long day.

Pino started his career as a book cover illustrator for many of the top publishing companies and then moved into fine art. His beautiful paintings and limited edition prints on canvas are highly collectible.

Maternal Instincts by Pino Daeni

In Maternal Instincts, Pino portrays the fierce protective nature of moms, like a mother lion for her cub.

The emotion comes through in this painting, which was also made into a limited edition.

Another great painting of a mom in art is "A Mother's Warmth" by
watercolor artist Steve Hanks.

Steve was an oil painter for many years and then developed an allergy to the paints, but he didn't let that stop him in pursuing his passion for art. He developed techniques of layering watercolor to produce realistic skin tones and objects that rival those in oil paintings.

A Mother's Warmth by Steve Hanks

The scenes in Steve's paintings often have a relaxed and "laid back" feel about them.

He paints nudes, but also fully clothed people and often shows them by the water.

Artist Morgan Weistling pays tribute to a mom's patience in his painting" A Helping Hand".

A Helping Hand by Morgan Weistling

This mom in the Old West works on her project with her helper close by her side.

Morgan is one of the Masters of the American West at the Autry Museum, and his new paintings are in great demand. Many of them are of women or children.

A Helping Hand was made into a limited edition print on canvas as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this celebration of mothers in art. 

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