Monday, May 28, 2012

Art Lighting Without Wires--Battery Powered Art Light

Halcyon Times Cordless Dimmable Remote Control LED Art Light
One solution for fine art lighting in situations where there are no outlets nearby or there is a desire to have lighting without wires is the cordless battery powered art light from Halcyon Times. I like the upgraded remote control feature and when a painting is high on the wall that can make the use of this light much more convenient.

Halcyon Times says this LED light is safe for artwork with  no UV/heat.  Shown as being for artwork up to 3 feet.  This is fairly modestly priced lighting currently at $86 with the remote control and $56 without it from with free shipping. Custom sizes and art lights with adjustable lighting areas can be found as well.

Of course, if you don't have a power outlet near the place you want to display your artwork, and you don't want to have visible wires, you can always hire an electrician to install a recessed power box in the wall behind the place you will display your painting, but purchasing a battery powered art light is an alternative you may want to consider.

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  1. Another rating you might want to know about is that they are 75 CRI (Color Rendering Index. The LED arrays are NOT replaceable, but the LED arrays last 30,000 hours, which could be quite a while. Picture Lighting