Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rare Pino Original Painting Available from J Watson Fine Art

Pino Original Painting "Solace"
Pino Original Painting "Silent Reflection"
Pino Original Patinting " The Black Fan"

For those lucky collectors who are able to purchase an original Pino painting, there is a rare opportunity to own one of the Pino original paintings that was also issued as a limited edition canvas, which is "Solace" 30 x 24. These beautiful Pino originals shown above are now available.

Pino D'angelico AKA Pino Daeni (1939-2010) was a wonderfully talented artist. He combined qualities of realism in the faces and expressions of the subjects in his figure paintings, with the qualities of impressionism in the looser backgrounds and brushstrokes. He had a true gift for communicating the beauty of women and the innocence of children and the love of family.

In his early career Pino was a book cover artist for top publishing companies whose work was in great demand. He then went on to create beautiful fine art paintings that are loved by collectors. Many of them have become classics, such as Tuscan Stroll, Evening Thoughts, Dancing in Barcelona, The Dancer (featured on the cover of Southwest Art magazine), and Sensuality among others.

Some Pino original paintings were made into limited edition canvases, which are very popular with collectors world-wide. There are also some hand-embellished limited edition canvases of Pino artwork that have texture that gives them an appearance closer to an original painting.

Whether you acquire a Pino original or a Pino limited edition, Pino art will bring joy and beauty to your fine art collection.

J Watson Fine Art is an authorized Pino dealer. Contact us for assistance in adding a Pino original painting or Pino limited editions to your art collection to your art collection at 661 476-7558 or e-mail View more Pino art. and watch the official Pino video.

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