Monday, June 18, 2012

Commission a Painting by a Famous Artist--Advantages and Disadvantages

A commissioned painting by a famous artist is an option you may want to explore. If you have the means to do so, and an art dealer with the right connections, a commissioned painting can provide an opportunity of a lifetime.

Some of the benefits of commissioning a painting are:

* Interaction with the artist
Your art dealer can forward e-mail communication back and forth between the artist and you,
or in some cases the artist will speak with you on the phone.

*An insight into the creative process
With a commissioned painting, you may get a behind the scenes look at original sketch work, photos of the
painting in progress, and thoughts about the painting from the artist.

*Getting the composition and size painting you have in mind made to order
If you are looking for a particular subject matter in a particular size, rather than searching for that piece, you can simply specify your desires and presto--that is what you will receive.

It is important to realize however, that you will have to defer to the creative vision of the artist, and allow them to paint their interpretation of the subject. If there are factors that are very important to you, make sure your art dealer communicates them clearly to the artist on your behalf, or better yet, write them out and have the dealer forward your thoughts to the artist so everyone is on the same page at the start of the project.

*A Way to "Catch the one that got away" (almost)
If there was a painting you loved that already sold, you can ask the artist to do a variation on the same theme. While each painting will be a unique one-of-a-kind (and should be), the artist may be willing to do a painting with a similar setting, subject or color scheme for you.

*The ability to memorialize yourself or a loved one
It is much more involved to create a commissioned painting of a particular person or pet,  and not all artists will do them, but some famous artists will. For example,  Pino Daeni was kind enough to do this while he was alive, and he was a master artist. Several of our other artists will do this as well. A painting of a loved one or pet can hold great sentimental value in addition to being a beautiful work of art.

On the "down side", you won't see the painting first before committing to the project, so you should know the artist's work well enough to know that if the painting meets that artist's standards you will most likely be happy with the outcome.

Generally a deposit of 1/2 the cost of the painting is required for the artist to begin a commissioned painting, and the other half is due upon completion, which protects all parties involved.

Another "down side" is you will have to wait for the painting, and the time frame can vary, depending on the artist's schedule and the amount of time it takes them to create your painting, so it is not instant gratification, but being part of the process, and the other advantages mentioned can make up for this.

There may also be a premium over the cost of the artist's finished works of the same size, depending on the artist and art dealer. There is a lot more work involved for the artist and the art dealer in creating and arranging a commissioned painting, rather than the sale of a finished piece of art, but it can be a way to help a collector acquire the right "fit" for their art collection that they will enjoy for many years.

J Watson Fine Art can arrange commissioned paintings by several famous and award-winning artists. Contact us at 661 476-7558 or e-mail or contact us through our website to discuss commissioning a painting, or for assistance with adding other beautiful art to your art collection.

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