Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have You Run Out of Wall Space for Your Art?

Pino Art at Manya Jewelers from J Watson Fine Art
Many enthusiastic art collectors have told me they have "run out of wall space" and are considering adding on to their homes just for their art. There are a few alternatives.

One alternative is to consider displaying part of your art collection at your place of business. Beautiful artwork can inspire creativity, and it can also help to attract customers and great employees.

I recently put a Pino painting in a jewelry store that had a white, orange and purple color scheme. The Pino Art complemented the color scheme beautifully, and it will bring attention (and customers) to the store. Many people have commented on the painting already. Manya Jewelers has beautiful custom jewelry by the way. Check them out if you are ever in Valencia, California.

 Another option is to temporarily donate some of your artwork to your favorite charity to exhibit. They can use it to decorate their regular space, or they might want to set up a special event for the exhibit and use it to help with a fundraiser.

A permanent gift of art to your favorite charity or to a museum is another philanthropic activity that can help you make room in your home for artwork, and that would provide a tax benefit for you as well.

There is also art storage. If you decide to put some of your artwork in storage, make sure that it is protected well, and that you have climate-controlled storage. If you are going to put your artwork in storage outside of your home, research art storage. There are places that specialize in fine art storage, so Google for one closest to you. Personally, I would prefer that fine art is on display somewhere being enjoyed, rather than in storage.

If there are paintings you really want to add to your art collection, and you don't have available wall space, you might also consider selling some of your previous art acquisitions to make room for the new ones. Contact a reputable dealer and get an estimate of value and discuss the possibility of a resale. We accept original fine art on consignment from select artists, such as G. Harvey, Pino, Antoine Blanchard, Morgan Weistling, Carl Brenders, and others, and help collectors market their artwork and broker the sale discreetly.

Of course, if you want to add on to your home, go right ahead. An "Art wing" would be lovely. Give us a call--we would be happy to help you find the artwork you want for the new addition. We have happy collectors throughout the US and Internationally, and can ship art to you crated and insured. J Watson Fine Art can be reached at 661 476-7558 or e-mail or visit our website at

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