Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fine Art Insurance--Moving or Transit Coverage May Not Be Included

If you are planning a move, or shipping a piece of valuable artwork to another location to sell, display or store, it is important to check with your insurance agent to make sure your artwork is covered in transit.

Even if you have insured your fine art while it is in your home against damage, theft, etc, a general insurance policy for fine art may not include transit coverage.

If you are shipping a painting to a dealer to sell on consignment, you may want to ask the dealer to ship using their account so that the artwork is covered under their transit insurance policy, as the rate may be significantly lower than if you were to obtain one-time coverage yourself.

Of course, the best outcome of a move or shipment of artwork is for it to arrive safely, so in addition to making sure you are covered by insurance, look for an experienced art shipper to pack and handle your artwork well.

Wooden crates are preferable to boxes for expensive artwork being shipped, and packing material should be appropriate for the type of artwork.

If you are shipping with Fedex, GoNavis, UPS or a similar carrier and having them do the packing, call first and make sure that the particular store has experience with shipping fine art, and the requirements for doing so safely.

There are also art shippers who can pack your artwork for you, and then ship through Fedex or other carriers, and some will drive your artwork themselves to its destination. Pick up from your home may also be available.Google fine art shippers in your area and get a few quotes as prices can vary quite a bit.


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